January 2023

NEW BOOKS—Music History:

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**In memory of Hollie Lacy**

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NEW BOOK—Music Education:

Kaschub, Michele. Experiencing music composition in middle school general music. (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2022). Music Stacks MT40 .K28 2022

NEW BOOK—Music Therapy:

Runningdeer, Islene. The musician healer: transforming art into medicine. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Durvile & UpRoute Books, 2022). Music Stacks ML3920 .R86 2022

NEW BOOKS—Music Pedagogy:

Jackson Hearns, Liz, and Brian Kremer. The singing teacher's guide to transgender voices. (San Diego, CA: Plural Publishing, Inc., 2018). Music Stacks MT821 .H436 2018

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**In memory of LaVerne Morris Hopkins**

NEW BOOKS—Music Industry:

Katz, Mark. Music and technology: a very short introduction. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2022). Music Stacks ML3916 .K38 2022

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NEW SCORES—Classical Music:

Fuenllana, Miguel de. Orphenica lyra: Libro de musica para vihuela. (Genève: Minkoff Reprint, 1981). Music Miniature Scores 45.1.F953 A026

NEW CDs—Jazz:

Goodman, Benny. The Harry James years, Vol. 1. Bluebird, 1993. Music Recordings CD-10730

Marsalis, Wynton. Midnight blues. Columbia Records, 1998. Music Recordings CD-10733

Masso, George. Let's be buddies. Arbors Jazz, 1994. Music Recordings CD-10731

Scott, Bobby. For sentimental reasons. MusicMasters, 1990. Music Recordings CD-10734

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NEW BOOKS—Popular Music:

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**In memory of Terry Choate.**

NEW CD—Popular Music:

Fleck, Béla. Left of cool. Warner Bros. Records, 1998. Music Recordings CD-10729


February 2023

NEW BOOKS—Music History:

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NEW BOOKS—Music Pedagogy:

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NEW SCORE—Classical Music:

Brandon, Jenni. The wildflower quintet: for reed quintet. (Long Beach, CA: Jenni Brandon Music, 2021). Music Stacks 53.05.B819 W55

NEW BOOK—Popular Music:

Smith, R. J. Chuck Berry: an American life. (New York: Hachette Books, 2022). Music Stacks ML420.B365 S65 2022


March 2023

NEW BOOKS—Music History:

Donovan, Ryan. Broadway bodies: a critical history of conformity. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2023). Music Stacks ML3918.M85 D66 2023

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NEW BOOKS—Music Therapy:

Colonialism and music therapy. (Dallas, TX: Barcelona Publishers, 2022).

Thompson, Grace. Goal processes in music therapy practice. (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2022). Music Stacks ML3920 .T542 2022

NEW BOOK—Music Pedagogy:

Ottman, Robert W. Music for sight singing (10th ed.). (NY, NY: Pearson, 2019). Music Stacks MT870 .O86 2019

NEW SCORES—Classical Music:

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NEW DVD—Classical Music:

Girard, François. The red violin. Lions Gate Home Entertainment, 2003. Music DVDs MDVD-874

NEW BOOKS—Popular Music:

Sexton, Paul. Charlie's good tonight: the life, the times, and the Rolling Stones: the authorized biography of Charlie Watts. (New York: Harper, 2022). Music Stacks ML419.W383 S49 2022

Torff, Brian. Seize the beat: the evolution of American music. (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2023). Music Stacks ML3477 .T67 2023


April 2023

NEW BOOKS—Music History:

Breidenstein, Helmut. Mozart's tempo-system: a handbook for practice and theory. (Marburg: Tectum Verlag, 2019). Music Reference ML410.M9 B80413 2019

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NEW BOOKS—Music Education:

Acker, Aleksandra, Berenice Nyland, Jan Deans, Kylie Payman, and Suzana Klarin. Music composition in contexts of early childhood: creation, communication and multi-modal experiences through music. (Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021).

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NEW BOOKS—Music Therapy:

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NEW SCORES—Classical Music:

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NEW BOOKS—Popular Music:

Homer, Sheree. You sound just like...: behind the scenes with 40 musical tribute artists. (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2023). Music Stacks ML394 .H667 2023

Simmons, Rick. 40 hits, 40 stories: behind top songs of the 1960s and 1970s. (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2023). Music Stacks ML3470 .S58 2023

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May/June 2023

NEW BOOKS—Music History:

Day, Lillian. Paganini of Genoa. (London: Victor Gollancz, 1966). Music Stacks ML418.P2 D3

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NEW BOOKS—Music Pedagogy:

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**In memory of Dr. Raymond Kuutti.**

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NEW SCORES—Classical Music:

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July/August 2023

NEW BOOKS—Music History:

McHugh, Dominic. The big parade: Meredith Willson's musicals from The Music Man to 1491. (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2021). Music Stacks ML410.W714 M34 2021
**In memory of Charles (Charlie) Clement.**

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NEW BOOKS—Music Pedagogy:

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September 2023

NEW BOOKS—Music History:

Bruzual, Alejandro. The guitar in Venezuela: a concise history to the end of the 20th century. (Saint-Nicolas, Québec: Doberman-Yppan, 2005). Music Stacks ML1015.G9 B86 2005

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