Millioni 1635b

Millioni, Pietro

[Quart]o libro d'in[tav]olatura di chitarra spagnola (1635).

I. Overview

This book seems to be a composite of material originally printed in Millioni 1627a and Millioni 1627b and new material, but the only existing copy is incomplete.

Title: [Quart]o libro d'in[tav]olatura di chitarra spagnola di Pietro Millioni . . . Novamente Ristampato dal medesimo Millioni con l'accrescimento di molte Sonate curiose. . . . (Rome: Paolo Masotti, 1635). [title page partially missing]

[16] pp. in movable type; remainder is missing
[13] pieces
Foliation: none
Page Size -- I-Bc: c15.3 cm. (width) X c9.5 cm.

II. Prefatory Material

p. (1) -- [QUART]O LIBRO D'IN[TAV]OLATURA DI CHITARRA SPAGNOLA DI PIETRO MILLIONI . . . Novamente Ristampato dal medesimo Millioni con l'accrescimento di molte Sonate curiose. . . . [title page]

p. (2) -- [drawing of a guitar marking the strings and of a hand naming the fingers]

p. 3 -- NUOVA, E FACILE DICHIARATIONE . . . [verbal alfabeto]

pp. 4-6 -- [verbal alfabeto, cont.]

p. 7 -- Quando si sapranno far ben lettere, si potra . . . [= Millioni 1627b mostly]

p. 8 -- si sonaranno le sonate . . . [= Millioni 1627b; explanation of letters with no strokes]

p. 9 -- [= Millioni 1627b]

p. 10 -- [approximates Millioni 1627b; option of trilli; explanation of trillo and repicco]

p. 11 -- [tuning]

[Alfabeto (with finger dots):]





Lettere false



III. Notation

Tablature: Alfabeto and stroke signs only; no meter or rhythm signs, or barlines; ornaments: right hand trill indicated as "t" [= Millioni 1627b; otherwise like Millioni 1627a]

Instrument: 5-course guitar

IV. Indices

Title information in brackets [ ] is editorial; information in parentheses

Index of Pieces:

PageTitleKeyMeterReprinted from:
p. 12Passacaglij per A con trilloG[3/4]= Millioni 1627b (p. 9)
p. 12Passacaglij per D con Trilloa[3/4]expansion of Millioni 1627a (p. 10) with trilliNote 1
p. 12Passacaglij per O con trillig[3/4]= Millioni 1627b (p. 9)
p. 13Ciaccona per A con TrilliG[3/4]= Millioni 1627b (p. 10)
p. 13Ciaccona per G con TrilloF[3/4]= Millioni 1627b (p. 10)
p. 14Bergemasca per A con trilliG[4/4]expansion of Millioni 1627a (p. 11) with trilli
p. 14Bergamasca per BC[4/4] 
p. 14Bergamasca per IA[4/4] 
p. 15Folias per O con trillig[3/4]expansion of Millioni 1631 (p. 23) with trilli
p. 15Folias per Da[3/4]cf. Millioni 1627b (p. 13)
p. 16Folias per +e[3/4] 
p. 16Folias per Pf[3/4] 
 [I-Bc copy incomplete after p. 16]   


1. Trilli are ornamental strums that divide the normal rhythm into smaller groups. Return to text

Index of Genres (incomplete):

The following chart summarizes the solo guitar contents of the book by genre. Major genres are given by the form used in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2d ed., with the forms actually used in the book in parentheses. Lesser known titles are grouped under "miscellaneous dances" and "songs." Rhythmic variations and rotte are considered part of the main work. Note that since the book is incomplete and there is no contents page, the following chart represents only those pieces present . . .

Folia (Folias)404[3/4]
Passacaglia (Passacaglij)312[3/4]
Chaconne (Ciaccona)220[3/4]
Totals:1266[3/4] = 9
[4/4] = 3

Index of Keys Used (incomplete):

Keys used in the book; an * indicates that the key is only used in a passacaglia. Note that the pitch is relative and that since the guitarist was using tablature, there was no need to think in terms of traditional key signatures.

A major1 A minor2
B flat major0 B flat minor0
B major0 B minor0
C major1 C minor0
C sharp major0 C sharp minor0
D major0 D minor0
E flat major0 E flat minor1
E major0 E minor0
F major1 F minor1
F sharp major0 F sharp minor0
G major3 G minor2
A flat major0 A flat minor0

Index of Names:

MASOTTI, Paolo [printer]
In Roma Appresso Paolo Masotti, 1635. Con licenza de'Superiori. / p. (1)

MILLIONI, Pietro [composer]
[QUART]O LIBRO D'IN[TAV]OLATURA DI CHITARRA SPAGNOLA DI PIETRO MILLIONI . . . Novamente Ristampato dal medesimo Millioni con l'accrescimento di molte Sonate curiose. . . . [partly missing] / p. (1)

V. Bibliography

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VI. Exemplars

I-Bc = Italy: Bologna, Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale G. B. Martini (visited in 1991-1992)

Condition: very poor; title page mutilated and partially illegible; pp. 17+ missing; pages badly torn around edges; stained and wrinkled; pp. 1-4 are loose

Binding: none [in small paper folder]

Manuscript additions:
p. (1) -- some illegible marks; almost illegible name [?; in same place as Millioni 1627b]

pp. 4-5 -- small slashes through capital letters of chords C, D, Dt, E, Et, F, G, H, I, L, O

p. 14 -- left margin: "I / di [s? r?] e [?]" ?? line 5
p. 15 -- line 4 "+" ??; line 5 "+" with scribble ??

© Copyright Gary R. Boye 1995–2024

© Copyright Gary R. Boye 1995–2022

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